Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cerwin Vega & Diamond Audio Closeouts!

Got in some closeouts and B-Stock from Cerwin Vega and Diamond Audio.  12" HED subs, like new, are only four for $100 plus shipping.  Also have some Diamond D9 amps that need assembly as well as some D9 / HEX PRO crossovers and amps.

The Concept amps are selling well. Get them while you can. We've only had one return due to crossing the streams.  Other than that, they're very conservatively rated, all have bass boost and crossovers.  Lots of power and clarity, a great value as well.

Remember to keep our Phoenix Craigslist ads book marked and check daily.

Be safe tonight but it's not enough!  Watch out for idiots.  They're on the road, at parties or live at your parents house.  Drink responsibly so you can save another day to kill your brain.

Thanks for your support.
Patrick Chandler
Co-Founder Robot Underground