Friday, January 25, 2013

Why do you do it? Why not for profit? How to build a Robot PART 2

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Step Four:  Let the Wrecking Ball Fly

     Whenever something is built, something else must be un-built / destroyed.  These are not my rules, these are the rules of the universe.  The universe on both the large scale and the very tiny are in constant expansion and contraction, ebb and flow as it were.  When I started my journey, I had no idea of the destruction I would do just to follow my dream.  I didn't mean to harm anyone, in fact I did my best to help others.  What I realize now is that no matter what you do or what anyone else does in this world, there is always give and take.  Every time you help someone, you also hurt someone or something else in order to do it.  Think of all the millions of sperm and generations of people that have died so that you could live.  In order for me to live other things have had to die.  Cows and Chickens top the list.  In spite this, many of us still reach for The Light to make this a better society and generally a great place to live and die.

     If you do something great in your life, expect resistance from others.  Family, long time friends and you may even be betrayed by both to keep you in (your) place.  Governments, agencies and even the Universe may be on this list of resistance givers, (haters).  (Yes the Universe can hate on you).  The trick I've found to being efficient at this is patience mixed with timing.  Sometimes it can't wait but if it can, keep it and wait for the right timing to make your move. To go with the flow as it were.  That requires observation and conscientious action.  If it can't wait, don't be surprised when it's more work that you'd like or thought it should be.  Owning the decision, (follow through), is always a required ingredient to getting to your goal.  At then end of the day, enjoy the fact that you are pursuing a life of adventure and it's a privilege to do it.  The attitude is simply to be grateful.  Even what seems as a life of survival can be turned into adventure by a simple change in attitude.  I'm sure there's a quote somewhere of something like, "Only loving what you have, can you have something else." or "You cannot shake hands with a closed fist.".  The secret is gratitude and that then allows you to enjoy the ride and then everything becomes an adventure.  This is reflected in our mascot, Ohmey.  His mind is always 'open' to allow The Light inside.

Step Five:  Replace Yourself / Get the Robot(s) Running

     Patience and timing are especially crucial to this step.  In order for this project / life to really do something you need to replace yourself. You need the help of others.  You can do this with projects that you do, books or blogs that you publish or even just raising children that don't burn the house down when you decide to go out for a night on the town.

    Our ideas, discoveries and self reflection are what's missing in the world.  In other words, consciousness.  The outward expression of consciousness is change.  To make corrections around us and align ourselves with The Light.  This is where the employment of robots or any device that allows you to leverage your time and knowledge to move you closer toward your goal / life achievement.  The internet is by far the most important and under utilized tool in your arsenal.  This tool at it's present state is still just a tiny flag in the top of an iceberg the size of the Death-Star, we have only scratched the surface.  An even greater asset than that is of course your mind.

   Align yourself and your robots with people and organizations that do this for other people already.  Learn their secrets and watch their moves. (Patience & Timing)  Then when you see the cogs flowing in the right light, jump in to seize your time in the machine and move through without a scratch.  This is where "applying yourself" comes into play. If you want to be good at business, study businesses.  If you want to be the master of Yoga, study everything you can learn about Yoga.  If you want to own the market on Yoga businesses, study franchising and clique culture along with everything about Yoga and Business.  Once you realize their tricks, the secrets of their success.  With the right timing and positioning,(more timing and patience), the world can be yours.

Robots Running!
Patrick Chandler
Co-Founder Robot Underground

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