Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Specials ALL MONTH!

A few specials we'll be working on this month!

     Due to the Diamond / Cerwin Vega closeouts, we also got our hands on some WCC, (West Coast Customs), speakers that were made by the factory that also makes some of the Diamond and Cerwin Vega products.

     We have the WCC680 convertible 5x7" / 6x8" components. Use them as a coax or separates, it's up to you! $55 shipped!

     MSRP was $199 but we have them for $55 a set shipped and limited to 25 sets.  As with all our deals, we can drop ship to your client with your return address, (Blind drop ship), so we stay underground and you're the hero.

     We received a new shipment of the new MA Audio HardKore motors and are already building them out to order.  We're doing the 15" in either D2, D4 or D.75 ohm setups with SPLX frame for only $263 shipped!  (Add $15 for extended 60mm tall coil.)

     You even get the Audio Pulse, aircraft grade aluminum single dish cone with tall, patented NBR surround by TC Sounds.
12" version is $250 each shipped. (Lower 48)
Thanks again to MA Audio for donating their old magnetizer to us at a great discount!

     Not pictured are the 10" version and 18" versions.  We have several cone options to choose from so prices will vary on how fancy pants you want to get with those, but are based on the 12" and 15" pricing.  We do not have 8", 10" or 18" Audio Pulse cones at this time.
     The new style HK motor is shown on the SPLX frame with the SPLX, (TC9+ motor), to the right for comparison.  (No more fins, yay!)


     We also found another stash of the old Rockford White Wolf 3m RCA's.  These are some of the best built cables on the planet!  Get a set for only $30 each shipped to anywhere in North America!  We also ship worldwide and they come in the original box as pictured.  Some still have the Best Buy pricing tags on them as well.  These are a STEAL compared to the prices you home audiophiles pay for a quality cable like this!!!

      These are available to Rockford Fosgate fans all over the world too.  Thank you for your support!

     Rockford Triple X series RCA's are available out of the packaging and tested as well!  We have pallets of RCA's and other cables and we can also custom make several rare cables so email me with your requests.

The 1m is only $16 shipped and 2m is $25 shipped

Thanks again for your support!
Patrick Chandler
Co-Founder of Robot Underground